Friday, June 20, 2008

Trout Fishing Tips

Most anglers love trout fishing. They are in great abundance and make good eating.

There are a few things you can do to become a more successful trout fisherman. don't grease your leader. Picking the lure and lines from the water won't be difficult as it won't sink far.

Be sure and fish the pools as well as the current. Sometimes the current can cause the fly to drag or sink, which can present a challenge to the fisherman but your patience will pay off as you are sitting down to a big trout dinner.

Make your first cast count as this will get the first strike as it floats over the fish. It will be harder to hit after that first strike.

Trout like bank cover if it has about five or six inches of shading above and is at least a foot deep. Big tree roots and logs around the bank gives the trout a good hiding place. They won't be easy to see but your persistence will pay off.

A lot of vegetation in the water is a great place to trout fish but it can be difficult. The water plants can make a mess of your lures and bait but if you go slowly and persevere it will all be worth it.

Trout fishing can be fun and the eating is good, so go out there and start fishing!

Fly Fishing Line Tips

To be a successful fly fisherman you need to use the right lines. Sometimes you will want to have the weight more towards the lead and sometimes having the weight more towards the middle of the line. Most beginners should use the middle of the line method because it makes it easier to roll and cast.

One type of line will float on the surface of the water and another type will sink under the water. The line sinking under the water is more difficult to cast and only used in deep water.

You should always keep your lines clean with regular cleaning. You can buy a cleaning kit especially made for cleaning your lines. To cast successfully your line needs to be dirt and film free.

Most fly fishermen use a clear line but you can also use a colored one. Using a colored one makes it easier to tell where it is. There are many different colors to choose from and it is up to you which color you prefer.