Monday, October 29, 2007

Make Those Fish Jealous Using The Pork Rind Trick

Undoubtedly one of the greatest fishing tricks of all time is the use of cloth or natural pork rind ahead of a fishing lure or bait. It gives the impression that the lure is chasing the bait and nothing makes a fish strike like jealousy. A school of fish will stare at a lure going by or a bait dangling in front of them and never make a move for it. None of the fish will even seem excited about the lure or bait. Suddenly one fish will make a slight move in the direction of the bait or lure, often just by accident. Immediately several fish will rush in and strike the lure or bait to make sure that the fish that moved did not get it. Whether the fish had full stomachs or not made no difference at all. Jealousy of another fish getting the lure or bait will make them strike without hesitation.

In order to make fish jealous and to make them strike under all conditions you must have your lure chasing a bait or baits.

In spinning take a cloth preferably or pig hide pork rind in spinning size and make a small hole in it with a pin or nail and thread your line through the hole, then tie on your leader and put your lure on the end of your leader. Do not put your line through the regular slot that comes in a cloth or pig skin pork rind as the slot is so large that it will allow the pork rind to slip over your leader and down to your lure. The pork rind must be at least six inches ahead of your lure and preferably 12 inches.

In bait casting put the pork rind on in the same way and using a spinning size pork rind also. In trolling put at least one pork rind just ahead of your header. If you take and put six or more pork rinds on your line about 12 inches apart ahead of your leader, you will have fabulous trolling with such a troller. The pork rinds give the impression that your lure is madly chasing after a whole school of minnows. To attach pork rinds to your line put three small holes in the head of your pork rind with a needle or sharp nail in a lengthwise position and weave your line through the three holes. Do not tie the pork rind to your line with knots as knots greatly weaken your line.

This pork rind trick works on fresh water fish such as crappies, black bass, perch, walleyed pike, muskies, northern pike, white perch, stream trout, lake trout and on salt water fish such as salmon, striped bass, snook, sea trout, sea bass, yellowtail, tuna, sailfish and marlin.

Vary the size of the pork rind with the size of lure that you use but always keep the pork rind about half the size of your lure of smaller.


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