Monday, September 3, 2007

Fishing Tip - Liver on Wet Flies

Ninety percent of our stream trout are hatchery raised. They are fed liver in the hatchery and do not forget the taste and smell of liver. Liver is excellent bait for stream trout. Rubbing a piece of liver on wet flies will make stream trout take them where they would not have touched the fly without the liver smell.

A pound or two of ground up liver thrown into a pool as chum will get every trout in the pool in a feeding mood. They then will take most any wet fly or nymph with a liver odor dropped into the pool.

Although crappie and bluegill are not familiar with liver they will also strike wet flies rubbed on a piece of liver. Sprinkling ground liver over an area will concentrate them in the are quickly and hold them there.

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