Thursday, July 19, 2007

Fishing - Bait Choices

There are many kinds of bait being used nowadays. Here are a list of the best ones.

Lures - usually all white or all black is the best choice. Sometimes you can have a mix of red and black that will work well. Every now and then fluorescent colors such as green or bright yellow will work but you will want to experiment when using these colors.

Grubs - these are small and can be used to catch large fish. Use the grubs mostly in clear water. These are really great where there is little cover for the fish.

Plastic Worms - the plastic worms are the most effective in trying to catch a big fish. They have lifelike movements that will attract the bass. Remember that the fish will have to see the worm before it will bite, so it is better to be used in clear water.

Jigs - these can be used in murky to clear water and below 60 degree water temperatures. This is a lead weighted bait that has one hook. You can add a trailer at the end to get better results.

Minnows, shrimp, and cut bait - these are always great to fish with.

Chicken livers and gizzards are good for catching catfish.

Artificial stink bait is also good for catching catfish.

There are a variety of bait choices. Experiment and try them all to see which ones work the best for the type of fishing you like to do.

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