Monday, June 25, 2007

Bass Fishing Tips

Fishing for salmon and trout using fly rods used to be the traditional sport for anglers, but now many have caught the exciting fever of bass fishing. Below are a few bass fishing tips to get you started.

Using the bait casting reel is what most bass anglers use as they will allow for better placement of the lures and bait. But they also require some practice and experience to prevent the tangling of the line and over spinning of the reel.

Artificial bait is now popular with bass anglers. Their wide variety of colors and types, such as spinner baits, buzz baits and rubber and plastic baits, make them very attractive to the fish.

If you are a beginner you might want to start off in smaller ponds and lakes. Bass like to hide around structures in the water such as bushes, rocks, pond weed, and boat docks.

Bass tend to be in schools, so when you catch one just keep fishing the immediate area and you will probably catch more.

Bass can only be caught in certain temperatures as they are cold blooded. They tend to be most active in 60 to 75 degree temperatures. Below 50 is too cold and above 80 degrees drops the oxygen level in the water which places the bass under stress.

These few bass fishing tips will help you get started and once you get that first bass you will be "hooked" on bass fishing.

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