Saturday, June 23, 2007

Fishing Boat Tips

If you are buying your first fishing boat you might consider getting a used one. It might not be too pretty, but it will be good to practice fishing in so you can then decide if this is really the kind of boat you want before you purchase a new one.

Aluminum boats - if you are going to be fishing in small lakes, an aluminum is all you will need. Get a 16 to 18 foot boat and although it gets rough with the least wind, it will be less expensive than a fiberglass boat.

Fiberglass boats - these boats can be very expensive but can be used in very rough water and not give you the rocky ride that a smaller aluminum boat will.

More boats are coming equipped with sonar to detect the fish beneath the water. Bass fishermen especially are starting to use this on their boats. There is also sonar that can detect fish even at night and this really gives the fisherman a great advantage.

If you are a beginner it will probably take several hours to master the art of launching your boat, backing it down the ramp, etc., but once you learn how you will be set to enjoy your fishing boat and many hours of pleasurable fishing.

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