Saturday, June 23, 2007

Fishing Lure Tips

Picking the right lure can sometimes make the difference between good eating or going home empty handed. Some lures only work for certain types of fish. Some of the more popular lures are listed below:

Diamond Lures - these are your smaller lures and are used to catch albacore, coho, perch, and trout. These get their name from their shape, with the top handle being shaped like a diamond which causes light reflections on its surface. They are also popular to use for catching stripers and some varieties of bass.

Light Standard - for light casting. They can range up to three ounces. Use low to medium speed to retrieve from the water. The painted eye attracts schools of fish which gives you a better chance of trapping target fish.

Jigging Lures - these are for long casting and work well for catching pike and trout. The jiggling lures are long and tapered and fishermen in Louisiana, Florida, and Mississippi favor this type of lure. Bluefish and stripers, walleye and tuna, all can be caught pretty easily with this lure.

Heavy Standard - use these for the heavier fish such as bass and walleye. Although the heavy casting lures are not used as often as the light casting lures, they can be more reliable for making a big catch.

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